Meet the Staff of Champs Auto Sales

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Karen Rita - Office Manager

313-893-5880 -

Introducing Karen Rita, the accomplished Office Manager propelling efficiency and excellence at Champs Auto Sales. With a track record of optimizing operations, nurturing cohesive teams, and delivering exceptional customer service, Karen is an indispensable asset to our used car dealership. At Champs Auto Sales, Karen's expertise guarantees streamlined operations and exceptional customer interactions. Experience the pinnacle of success with Karen's dedicated management steering the way.

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Addison Rodger - Executive Online Sales Consultant

313-312-9485 -

Meet Addison Rodger, your dedicated Executive Online Sales Consultant specializing in Detroit's bustling used car market. With a proven track record, Addison brings expertise, innovation, and a customer-centric approach to enhance your car buying journey. Addison thrives in Detroit's used car scene, excelling in understanding customer preferences, strategic selling, and building lasting client relationships.Addison's proactive approach and industry awareness ensure you receive up-to-date, effective solutions. For Detroit's used car market, trust Executive Online Sales Consultant Addison Rodger. With strategic acumen, customer-centricity, and tech-savviness, Addison transforms your used car buying journey in Detroit into a seamless and exceptional experience.

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Tony Cash - Sales Manager

248-933-9191 -

Tony Cash is your trusted Sales Manager for used car sales. With a proven track record and industry expertise, Tony excels in driving success in the pre-owned vehicle market. Tony's dedication to used car sales extends beyond numbers. His genuine connections, milestone achievements, and adaptability to market trends underscore his commitment to excellence. With visionary leadership, customer-centric strategies, and a proven used car sales record, Tony Cash is the asset you need as a Sales Manager, driving consistent success in the competitive world of pre-owned vehicle sales.

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Sean Harrison - Finance Director

313-282-2635 -

Sean Harrison, an adept Finance Director with 15+ years of experience, specializes in zero down used car sales. His expertise drives our success in offering seamless financing solutions for buyers looking to purchase quality used cars without any down payment. Driven by financial integrity, Sean Harrison elevates our zero down used car sales reputation. His dedication to innovation and growth underscores his role in enhancing customer experiences and market presence. Sean's financial prowess, leadership, and innovation position us to excel in accessible and affordable zero down used car sales.