Customer Testimonials for Champs Auto Sales

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Ciara Hall - 2012 CHRYLSER 300

I have passed by champs several times over the years and never stopped by for a vehicle because they seemed "too flashy" like they would be overpriced....

I was in an auto accident May 31. My car was deemed totalled and I needed to buy a new vehicle so I decided to give champs a shot.

I ended up working with Sean who was great. 1st time I went in, he toured the lot with me and viewed a few vehicles. I left, unsure if I'd buy from there or not, but a week later I was back in their lot after looking at a few cars elsewhere.

I decided to run my credit and see what I qualified for and to my surprise, they qualified me for the car that I wanted and dealt with all my paperwork delays and nonsense throughout the week. They even got me accepted with a finance company that I actually like.

The whole process with them was quick and easy. Got a good deal and when I picked up the car and I recieved a complimentary oil change and gas in my tank.

Would definitely recommend the lot.

(I'm not trusting of most dealers, and while I'm sure they have their ups and downs/good and bad, I have to say- I'd recommend champs)!

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Summer Salla - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

Sean and Tony were amazing! They got me approved for my dream car within an hour! Love my new red 2020 Explorer! Thank you Sean and Tony!!!!!!

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Renita Jackson - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

Sean is a great guy. He explains everything in detail. He gives the greatest deals as well go to him for your next vehicle.

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Julia Pagg - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

Most amazing car dealership I have EVER been to. Staff is very genuine, knowledgeable, and patient. I came in without a clue and not only left with a new car, but I learned a lot and will ALWAYS recommend this place. They made my life and a situation a LOT easier. Sean, specifically, was unbelievably awesome and immediately trustworthy! All other staff, really worked their magic. Impressed beyond belief and am leaving a very happy girl!!!

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Megan L - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

Sean and Tony hooked my whole family up!! I was able to trade in a 2013 SUV for a 2021 with a great payment. My credit is average and I was shocked they got me approved for such a low rate. I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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Amy Rand - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

I couldn’t be more impressed! Sean Harrison is the best! He helped me out, he answered all of my million questions, he was able to get me into a great SUV at a great price. I will be telling all my friends and family about him! Customer service was amazing to! I highly recommend Sean

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Randy Stevens - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

Sean and Tony rock bought a great truck at a great value thanks champs !!

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Gary White - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

Great job. Great guys.. Professionals...made me feel like royalty!

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Ray Voice - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

One of the best in Detroit, absolutely a great deal! They honestly look out for their clients, providing the best finance options. Truly thankful for Champs Auto!

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Melvin Reyes - 2021 Champs Auto Sales - Google Review

Just got a car recently from Champs Auto . They have Nice sales person good customer service. They Vehicles are pretty nice Carfax History and if you need help on Financing or insurance they we work with you so you get the best for your pocket.